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Corey x Corey

We help you publish a best selling book - a tool to elevate your income and impact.


We write it for you

Over a series of interviews, we get to know you and the message you want to share with the world.We then ghostwrite, design, format, edit, and publish your book with little to no effort needed on your end.


You become a best seller

Once published, we run an entire PR campaign for you - getting you on TV as well as syndication with major online publishers.We guarantee you rank as an Amazon best seller.


You make more money (and impact)

With your newfound best seller status, you can leverage the opportunity to book speaking gigs, charge more for your services, and bring on more clients.It also comes with the ability to dramatically extend your impact.

A few of our authors

Jacqueline Hurst

Jacqueline Hurst | Best selling author, life coach, & British GQ columnist

We launched Jacqueline's book to number 1 on the best sellers list, along with a nationwide press release and features on ABC, Fox, and more.Her book sold 8k+ copies in less than 9 months.→ Get the book: How To Do You by Jacqueline Hurst

Jason Julian

Jason Julian | Best selling author, keynote speaker, & VP at The DNA Company

After a nationwide press release and features on NBC and ABC, we launched Jason's book to number 1 on the best sellers list.He's since been able to leverage that success to land nationwide keynote speaking engagements.→ Get the book: The Slick Sales Agent by Jason Julian

Christine Chang

Christine Chang | Best selling author & relationship speaker

We launched Christine's book to number 1 on the best sellers list within 48 hours of its publication.She was able to then use that nationwide exposure to expand her coaching business.→ Get the book: Show Up by Christine Chang

Who is Corey x Corey?

Corey Gladwell | Publishing

4x best selling author, Corey Gladwell's work has amassed a following of thousands online. He's been featured on ABC, Fox, NBC, and more.

Corey Fradin | Outreach

Corey Fradin's writing has garnered 1M+ views, with features in Forbes, Entrepreneur, MSN, Apple News, and his own blog QuickBooost.